tamera foster dating sam callahan x factor

For a 16-year-old girl who just split up with her boyfriend, Tamera Foster has been linked to a lot of guys.

The X Factor star is rumoured to have enjoyed some alone time with fellow contestant Sam Callahan on Tuesday, just hours after she ended her three-month romance with Joshante Amihyia.

A source told the Sunday Sun:

Tamera admitted she and Sam kissed after the break-up. They’d been flirting backstage and things went from there. Tamera said there was something between her and Sam but she’d keep quiet so it didn’t appear she had moved on from Josh too fast.’

tamera foster jay kingsland boyfriend x factorLast week it was claimed Tamera had been seeing Jay from Kingsland Road, who admitted he had a crush on her and would probably be making a move now that she was single.

I don’t blame him!