tamera foster blonde hair x factor In my youth, sharing a duvet with a boy basically meant we were having sex. So excuse me if I think X Factor contestants Sam Callahan and Tamera Foster look way too comfortable under that duvet.

x factor tamera foster and sam callahan under duvet

The reality TV stars were snapped backstage on the X Factor, with their hands and lower bodies hidden from view, under a quilt.

tamera foster sam callahan together

We can only imagine what was going on under that big duvet, but judging by the expressions on their faces it looks pretty uncomfortable.

sam callahan tamera foster boyfriendSam and Tamera have both denied the claims that they are dating, with reports stating that Tamera already has a boyfriend outside of the show.

Umm, didn’t she just split up with businessman Joshante a few weeks ago? Where are these boyfriends coming from?