Back in the days you thought you were cool. You thought all the boys fancied you and all the girls wanted to be you. You were wrong.

Here are all the uncool crimes you committed, in the days when you thought you were the shit.

1. Eyebrow Slits

harvey eyebrow slits

2. Gelled Baby Hairsjoudan dunn young hairstyles baby hair

3. Bluetooth Headsetsbluetooth black guys

4. LED lights under cars. Is your vehicle auditioning for The Fast and The Furious 45? I didn’t think so…

underglow flashing lights cars

5. Rolling one trouser leg up. I blame you LL Cool J.

one trouser leg rolled up

6. Wallabeeswallabies fashion

7. Going to Ibeefa every year. Oh you still do that?

chavs in ibeefa

8. Evisu Jeans

evisu jeans 90s fashion

9.Carrying JD sports shopping bags instead of real bags. People are actually selling them on ebay *sigh*

JD Sports

10.Sucking Dummiesteenage girls sucking pacifier