Daniyaal Abubaker ear bitten

A one-year-old boy may have had his ear bitten off by another child, on his second day at a nursery in Birmingham.

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Part of Daniyaal Abubaker’s right lobe was bitten off, with the poor tot requiring 10 stitches and spending two nights in hospital.

toddler ear bitten nursery birminhgam

His mother, Afsha Abubaker said staff at Mucky Pups Day Nursery, had given her different versions of events including the theory that an obviously hungry child, took a bite out of his ear.

The owner of the nursery, Paula Tidmus called the family at 11.30am on 25 September, to tell them that Daniyaal had injured his ear in a fall and that he ‘might require stitches’. When Mrs Abubaker’s sister-in-law called the nursery shortly after, she was told that he had been punched. Mrs Abubaker says her son has been deeply affected by the ordeal.

Daniyaal has been left traumatised. Sometimes when I move close to his face to kiss him he gets upset, he doesn’t like anyone to go close to his ear. He has been scarred mentally, not just physically.

She added that she is still unaware of the actual events on the day her son was injured.

I contacted police as I have heard different versions of events and don’t know exactly what happened to my son that day. When I spoke to Paula again, and asked her what had happened to the piece of ear, she said the child must have swallowed it.

mucky pups day nursery toddle ear bitten

Ofsted inspectors visited the nursery last month and gave it a rating of 4 – ‘inadequate’ and flagged up health and safety issues as an area of concern.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said specialist officers from West Midlands Police Public Protection Unit are reviewing the incident.