Last year we published a controversial post called Top 5 UK Make Up Frauds where we featured women like makeup artist Jennie Jenkins, actress Chelsee Healey and rapper Shimmer.

This year it’s back with a vengeance, but we’re only focusing on celebrities this time. Let’s take a look at some of the women you’d struggle to recognise in the street without their slap on.

1. Adele

adele without makeup before and after

Adele pretty much only wears makeup when she’s at award shows. And seeing as those times are some of the only occasions we see her, it can be pretty shocking for some when they catch the Someone Like You singer bare faced. More like Someone Like The Rest of Us, eh?

Her transformation at the Oscars earlier this year (pictured above) apparently cost £631,000. Over half a million, people! But I guess it would cost that much to stop you looking like you just walked off the set of Eastenders.

Adele fresh faced

2. Rita Ora

rita-ora-no-makeup on

Rita Ora is a party girl. And if I were a 23-year-old pop star with dozens of famous friends, I would be too. But partying all night has its side effects. Such as eye bags, patchy skin and generally looking like shite.

3. Mel B

mel b without makeup before and after

Former Spice Girl Mel B shocked us all, when she stepped out without makeup while on a date for her sixth anniversary with her husband this week.

She somehow managed to look ten years younger and ten years older at the same time. Being in a girl group for almost a decade can do that to one’s face I suppose.

mel b no makeup

2. Emeli Sande

emeli sande without makeup-horz

Emeli Sande may look stunning on red carpets, but when she removes those layers of cake, she appears much older than her 26 years.

I know it’s hard being a celeb, with all those late nights and constant flights around the world, but this is just pure trickery! I mean she’ll need a whole box of makeup wipes to get that face paint off. And who the hell is that woman in the picture with Chip below? Oh wow! That’s Emeli again! Yikes.

emeli sande young without makeup

1. Gina Rio

big brother gina rio makeup before and after

Drum roll please.

You may remember Gina Rio from Big Brother? The busty reality star claimed to be the most spoilt girl in Britain, getting £10k a week in pocket money from her parents.

During her time on BB, former colleagues called her a fake who ‘dressed like a Primark catalogue and drove a clapped-out Peugeot’. I don’t know what car Gina drives or where her clothes are from, though what I do know, is that she is the ultimate and No.1 makeup transformer.

gina rio no makeup on

There’s nothing wrong with slapping some makeup on, I mean you’re on Big Brother, you’re being filmed 24/7. I understand you want to look good. But if you’re going to spend half the day painting your face, at least make sure we recognise the person who comes out of the bedroom.


So there you have it. What do you think? Have we gone too far this time?