With a pending drugs charge bail hearing and a disappearing showbiz career, you’d think shamed star Tulisa would be holding on to all of her friends as tightly as possible. But the 25-year-old has reportedly ditched her bestest friend in the whole wide world.


Everytime I see Tulisa snapped in the media, not far behind her is her bitch best friend and live-in PA Gareth Varey. However it looks like that bum and bench relationship is over, as after weeks of arguing, Tulisa has kicked him out of her Hertfordshire mansion leaving him to crawl straight back to his mummy’s house.

Well, with Tulisa’s lack of work, it’s unlikely she’s paying him enough to afford a flat of his own.


Sad, they were so close. Gareth even has a ‘Tulisa’ tattoo on his ankle, which he may want to consider getting removed.

Let’s mourn their friendship with pictures of the two in happier times: