wiley quitting music in 2014

Wiley has done better than most at conquering the UK charts, with hits such as Heatwave and Wearing my Rolex charting in the top 5.

But it looks like we won’t be hearing anymore sounds from the Godfather of Grime, as the controversial rapper yesterday announced that he won’t be releasing any music in England next year.


Wiley Music is a genre in case you didn’t know.


How very nice of you Wiley. But what triggered the 34-year-old star to make this announcement? Are the ‘Sell out’ remarks getting too much?


This isn’t the first time Wiley has made some shocking decisions regarding his career. The east London star changed his name to Rkid in January, announced he was was leaving his record label in April, and took a pop sabbatical in August to focus on Grime.

We hope this is just another Wiley-rant, because if he does stick to his word, a lot of loyal fans will be very disappointed.