tamer foster x factor ten years flop

Yesterday was supposed to be one of the best X Factor shows of the series. The reality show was celebrating 10 years, and everyone was meant to be on best form.

tamera foster forgets words

Not Tamera Foster. The 16-year-old singer forget her words during her performance of James Arthur’s winners single, Impossible, despite telling us she would never mess up again on last week’s show.

This is the third time Tamera has forgotten her words. She also messed up last week, but we let her off because she looked good. In fact it’s like the better she looks, the more she messes up her lyrics.

tamera foster x factor forgets words

The judges were very disappointed, with Louis telling her that she “can’t do it anymore”. Gary Barlow added:

It was hard to watch. I don’t know how you solve this problem. It’s excruciating watching this happen again… It was in the wrong key and forgetting the words, it was really difficult to watch, I’m sorry.

Tamera responded by saying that she put everything she had into that song. Except for the lyrics obviously.

Maybe if she spent less time changing her hairstyle and boyfriends, she could sit down and learn the words. I’m just saying…