Christmas seems to bring out the best in some people and the absolute worst in others. We can’t always run away from the annoying people at Christmas, but we can try to evade them.

So with less than two weeks to go, here’s a list of all the people you should avoid this Christmas.

1. The younger cousins who think you’re made of money

child wants for christmas

2. Your family if they’re anything like this:

annoying christmas family

3. Street charity fundraisers

charity street fundraisers christmas

4. Christmas carollers 


5. The over enthusiastic Christmas cracker puller

Family Pulling Party Favors During Christmas Dinner

6. The person who started preparing for Christmas in October 

people who celebrate christmas early

7. The person whose house looks like it’s on fire. 

over the top christmas decorations

8. The new girlfriend at the family dinner. You won’t have anything to talk about. Stay away introducing new girlfriend christmas 1

9. The people who constantly remind you Christmas is about Jesus. Yes we know, thank you very much. 

christmas is about jesus christ

10. The people who ask you to help cook Christmas dinner, then criticise everything you do 

cooking christmas dinner