Trains delayed, flights cancelled, power cuts. Christmas just isn’t happening for some of us this year.

So here’s 10 people we really don’t want to be this Christmas. Sorry if you’re one of them.

1. Anyone who wanted to get a Southern train to the locations below

southern trains cancelled christmas day

2. The guys who had to clean up the polystyrene balls from the Eros snow-globe in Piccadilly Circus, after it popped during Monday’s storm

eros snowglobe pops piccadily circus

3. The people who may have to spend Christmas with a bunch of Easyjet Passengers

delays at gatwick christmas powercut

4. The guy who thought he could save the world with his finger 

floods in london christmas time

5. The woman who was left broke after buying Christmas presents for her 15 different personalities 

broke at christmas

6. The owners of the pub that had to cancel Christmas because they had shitty water in their kitchen 

pub closes after christmas flooding

7. These people, who may have to spend Christmas at Paddington station 

waiting for train at christmas

8. Tom Daley, who got stuck in an airport after arriving from Texas. Why don’t you swim home Tom?

tom daley stuck in airport for christmas

9. The person cleaning the Christmas dinner dishes

Dirty dishes

10. Nigellanigella cocaine