wiley quitting music in 2014

Wiley may not count Pappzd as one of his best friends, but we certainly love the controversial rapper.

The east London grime legend has not had it easy this year. From various Twitter beefs to getting bottled at concerts, Wiley can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Pappzd Santa Verdict: Bad

popemobile for artists wiley

We can’t stop people booing Wiley at events and dissing him on live TV, but we can protect him from coins, bottles and anything else people want to throw at him.  Our gift to Wiley this year is a popemobile.

No longer will Wiley have to worry about losing an eye, the pope-mobile is bulletproof and is able to withstand explosions in case any anti-Wiley people feel like chucking a couple of grenades at him.

And since Wiley’s the King of Grime, the King of Twitter beefs and the King of not turning up to shit, this popemobile will make him feel extra prestige as he waves like the Bishop of Rome to all the peasants who have come out to see him.

You’re welcome.