dappy christmas lights

Dappy has found himself in a spot of trouble with the taxman and faces bankruptcy if he doesn’t pay what he owes by the end of January. However, he could probably avoid the embarrassment if he took a look at our list of ways he could raise some money to pay his debts.

Nude Pictures

Nudes of Dappy were leaked on Twitter in 2011, but if the musician was really a smart businessman, he’d have sold those for money to any porn site that specialised in small man fetishes.


His Clothes and Jewellery

A George by Asda belt will hold up your jeans just as well as a Gucci one will. And a pillow from Primark is just as comfortable as a Versace one.

Dappy might be better off swapping his luxurious goods for items which are much, much cheaper.


The Sharkeisha Horse

The horse that kicked Dappy off its back as he took it for a ride clearly doesn’t respect him. He may as well be done with the disobedient animal and sell it for some cash.

the horse that trampled on dappys face

Kaye Vassell

She may be the mother of his children, but with her frequent Twitter rants and arguing with the star on the social media, Kaye is more trouble than she’s worth.

Not only will he get some money, but he’ll also be free from all that baby mama drama.

kaye vassel beaten up by dappy

Tulisa’s Sextape

If you want to search for Tulisa’s sextape nowadays, it’s almost impossible to find. Her lawyers have taken it off virtually every site. But if the shamed singer really loved her cousin, she’d mass-produce it Paris Hilton-style and give Dappy a cut of the profits.

tulisa 42k payout sextape