Now that Rough Copy are no longer reality TV stars, they’re going to have to start thinking about their future. Yeah, they’ll have a few shows here and there and they have the X Factor tour coming up. But by this time next year, they could be claiming job seekers or selling their bodies in Soho.

We don’t want to see that though. That’s why we’ve come up with 9 jobs Rough Copy could do now that they’re off X Factor.

1. Pantos

rough copy pantomime

Remember that dog Pudsey who won BGT with his owner last year? Well the duo are making half a million in a two-year pantomime deal. Rough Copy, you need to get involved.

2. Try going on the X Factor again. Again.

Rough copy come back for second year x factor

 Three times lucky?

3. Evangelical preachers

rough copy thank god

Did anyone else think Kaz’s “If you believe in God make some noise” speech was a bit preachy?

4. Leather kilt models 

rough copy in skirts

It’s just logical.

5.Team up with Gamu and become visa application ambassadors

rough copy passport issue

Because nobody has visa issues like Rough Copy.

6. In retail

7. 90s R&B band tribute act 

rough copy 90s tribute band

Because they kill that genre!

8. Aml Ameen’s crying double

rough copy crying

The boys are so good at crying, they may as well get paid for it.

9. Trampoline testers

rough copy jumping x factor

Because they always look like they’re about to jump on something.