American RnB singer/songwriter Ashanti might have a soft spot for a certain London radio DJ after he revealed his love for her live on air during a radio interview.


Bang FM’s DJ Slick, who’s been in love with Ashanti for forever (unbeknownst to her, mind you), tried his luck with the 33-year-old when he asked her about her current status.


Slick by name, slick by nature – BANG FM’s DJ Slick

After telling him that she was single, Slick quickly took the chance to ask Ashanti out on a date. To Slick’s delight, and everybody’s amazement (and joy) the songstress agreed to go on one condition: that he takes her to Mr Chow’s in Knightsbridge.


And as if the growing attraction wasn’t already obvious, the new relationship was given even more validity when Ashanti followed the DJ on Twitter; which everyone knows is the 21st century equivalent to a secret note asking “will you be my boyfriend?”


I mean, I can practically hear wedding bells. No?

Anyway, the two will soon get more time together as DJ Slick has been confirmed as the official DJ for Ashanti’s performance at the Indigo2 this Wednesday. Boy, things do move fast!

They’re definitely going to be making Foolish eyes at one another across the dancefloor.