Top Boy Ashley Walters shocked his Twitter followers last night by announcing a divorce on the social media:

Ashley Walters time for a divorce tweet

With the actor/musician only being married to his wife Danielle since June of this year, fans were speculating with not only how rude it was to announce a break-up on Twitter but also how soon it was.


Ashley reacted to the tweets by suggesting that people just loved negativity, I mean, we’re all just confused here, we just want to work out what you mean!

Ashley Walters time for a divorce tweet official downfall more entertaining progression

Ashley Walters time for a divorce tweet not judging just venting

Ashley Walters time for a divorce tweet not mad just life

No, no one really knows why you’re saying it.

However, Danielle or “wife” was not referred to in any of his tweets so maybe this “divorce” could be about something work-related?

Maybe he’s “divorcing” himself from the next series of Top Boy? Maybe he no longer wants to be affiliated with So Solid Crew? Maybe he and his manager just can’t see eye-to-eye? We know how dramatic these showbiz types can get, the divorce could be about anything!

Then, after dropping a series of bombshell tweets, he posted a slightly inappropriate half-naked goodnight message to his followers:

Ashley Walters time for a divorce tweet naked image

Erm, thanks.

I’m not sure if I’m convinced though. If you take a quick look through Ashley’s Instagram feed, there’s almost as many pictures of his wife as there are of him:


Hmmm. They don’t look like a couple in trouble; attention-seeking publicity stunt anyone?