Twitter beefs may be fun for us to read, but when you’re actually in one, the repercussions can be devastating. Getting banned from Twitter, losing fans and friends; these are just a few of the consequences that have resulted from some of the biggest Twitter beefs of 2013.

Let’s have a look…

6. Lady Leshurr vs Paigey Cakey


This was one sisterhood we thought would never die. The two female rappers ended their friendship over Twitter with Lady Leshurr stating that Paigey “wasn’t real” and for that reason, she would have to cut her off. We all expected some Lil’ Kim vs Foxy Brown style diss tracks from the pint-sized stars, but the two quickly made up and were back to having sleepovers and brushing each others hair. Boring!

5. Wiley vs The World


Who hasn’t Wiley had Twitter beef with this year? We’re so used to the Rolex rapper arguing with people online, that when he doesn’t, we start to get worried. Here are some of the insults Wiley has showered upon his opponents:

Wiley vs Glastonbury: “Glastonbury aint paying me enough to leave my comfort zone. Tight bastards”

Wiley vs Tinie Tempah: “@TinieTempah Caught you again …You’re not big sean by the way”

Wiley vs Charlie Sloth: “He is a fake Westwood that drives me mad with his shit radio show”.

Wiley vs Rizzle Kicks: “Lol at you put together fake kris kross duo …bunch of monkey’s”

We’ve still got a few weeks until the year ends, we wonder who he’s planning to attack next…

4. Shystie vs Azealia Banks


Ex-besties Shystie and Azealia Banks had a big Twitter bust-up earlier this year when Shystie released the video of a duet she had worked on with the US rapper called Control It. As soon as the video was released, a very angry Azealia took to Twitter to vent her frustration saying Shystie had gone against her labels wishes to release the video. The video was put on private, which led to a major Twitter beef between the two rappers.

The 212 star called Shystie a pizza face, referring to the acne Shystie has suffered with for years, and also laughed at how Shysite had been dropped by Polydor. Very mean.

Naturally Shystie didn’t take those insults lightly and released a diss track called Doppleganger calling Azealia a burnt out stripper with bugs bunny teeth.

The two still haven’t kissed and made up.

3. Cheryl Cole vs Harvey


When Harvey revealed that he was involved in a fling with Cheryl Cole, Twitter went crazy! Of all the weird celeb romances, no one would have thought that the nation’s sweetheart and serial cheater Harvey would be a match. Harvey’s tell all interview with Now Magazine, made a very angry Cheryl tweet the rapper asking him if he was smoking something and called him a liar. Harvey then threatened to expose some of the emails Cheryl had apparently sent him, on Twitter.

He didn’t reveal her messages online, but did give them to Now Magazine which led to even more Twitter beef. Turns out the emails were sent from a ‘Cheryl Cole‘. Just not the real one…

2.  Dot Rotten vs Semtex


Umm I’m not sure how much we’re allowed to say about this, because we don’t want to get in trouble with our good old friends down at the Beeb, but when Dot Rotten started exposing his former A&R manager and friend calling him names we can’t say because of defamation laws, (Just Google their names together), the south London rapper’s timeline became more exciting than watching a fight on Basketball Wives.

Dot Rotten made some scathing comments about Semtex’s alleged relationships with 16-year-old girls and claimed the 1 Xtra DJ had tried to ruin his career by asking DJs not to play Dot Rotten music. Semtex didn’t actually reply, so I guess it was more of a Twitter attack rather than a war of words between two people. But nevertheless Dot’s tweets could have sparked a major battle and possibly even a lawsuit!

1. James Arthur vs Micky Worthless

james arthur vs micky worthless

James Arthur’s Twitter beef was probably the most damaging one of the year. His exchange of words with battle MC Micky Worhtless, which led to a homophobic diss track, had such a negative effect on the X Factor winner that he quit Twitter. And not only that, former fans of James demanded a refund from iTunes as they were deeply offended by his behaviour. In James and Micky’s tweef, there was name calling, threats were made and it received mainstream news coverage.

After James’ life had been ruined, Micky told Pappzd:

I’m not solely responsible for ending  Jame’s Twitter career, but I did play a big part in it. But really he did it to himself.

Twitter’s not for everybody!