Mancunian drugs campaigner and weed enthusiast Colin Davies has revealed his plans to open a cannabis cafe in Manchester in 2014.

With no plans to allow the trade of marijuana in the venue, Colin hopes to open The New Way Cafe in January in the city’s Tariff Street. He insists that while the selling and buying of the Class B drug will be prohibited, visitors are more than welcome to bring their own – at their own risk, obviously.

Explaining the idea behind his venture, Colin said:

We just want to make it safe for everybody. This is straight above the line. There will be no sales of cannabis until the government says it is legal to do so.

He then went on to claim that it’d be like any other cafe you’d see anywhere else; people will be drinking tea, drinking coffee, smoking… and inhaling three plates of full English breakfasts as they’re hit with the munchies.

Membership to The New Way Cafe will be £10 – a small price to pay when you consider the legal risks as Manchester Police have already stated that they’ll be on standby if any offences are committed at the cafe.

I’m not quite sure if Colin will actually manage to keep this up for very long, but it’ll definitely be fun while it lasts. Tourism in Manchester is set to do well!