Judging by everyone’s behaviour this year, we could all do with a little change come 2014. Gone are our old troublemaking habits, and in are our friendly and loving ones.

We’ve come up with some new year’s resolutions that a few celebs should probably take into consideration.

Rizzle Kicks – to stop bullying everyone 

rizzle kicks diss wiley never mind the buzzcocks insane

Outspoken or mean? The Hip-Hop/pop duo have had their say about nearly everyone this year and for the most part, have put it down to their upfront nature.

Wiley – to stick to tour dates

wiley quitting music in 2014

Is it happening? Is it not? Wiley played with his fan’s hearts this year as he planned, rescheduled and cancelled a large number of tour dates. Then after bringing Dappy and Angel along for the ride, Wiley decided that actually he didn’t want to go on tour after all and dropped every single show. His excuses ranged from being too tired, being forced by management and not wanting to use Dappy to sell more tickets. But in the end the MC decided that he’d just do whatever the hell he wanted to do.

James Arthur – learn how to use Twitter like a grown man

James Arthur at Radio 1

James’ management have had to take over the X Factor winner’s Twitter account meaning his timeline is full of boring PR tweets, with the hashtag #JAHQ always present, to make sure we don’t forget that he can’t handle his own shit. The 25-year-old has not stopped offending people in the year since he’s won. And with most of these insults being delivered via Twitter, his team had no option but to put him on time-out like a naughty schoolboy.

Louis Smith – to lose weight

louis smith fat

Now we know that the Olympics have been over for more than a year, so we forgive Louis Smith for not training as hard as he was in 2012 and letting himself go a little bit. However, the 25-year-old let himself go way too much, as he was spotted topless in the park, with too much extra chub to be considered cute any more. We say that for 2014, Louis should shift some of that extra weight – just until he’s got some of his beach body back. Then he can return to his beers and burgers.

Naughty Boy – not be drunk when accepting awards

naughty boy drunk at the mobos

Producer Naughty Boy shocked us slightly when he accepted the first award of the night at this year’s MOBOs already drunk and mumbling his acceptance speech. We weren’t surprised that he wanted to have fun and drink, what got us was how quickly into the evening it was!

Sarah Jane Crawford – to change her lipstick colour


Whilst red does look good on 1Xtra DJ Sarah Jane, we’d like to see her change it up a bit. Maybe some hot pink, or a nude or even a bold purple. Don’t you know that purple lipstick is all the range this season?

Mutya Buena – to see an eyebrow specialist


When Mutya started out in the Sugababes, we kind of accepted her thin overplucked brows, hoping that one day she’d learn, grow up and go for a more natural and womanly look. But as time has passed and her Sugababes days are long behind her, the 28-year-old can still be seen sporting the pencil thin eyebrows that make her look like a chola. All she’s missing is some chewing gum and gelled down baby hairs.