chelsee healey breast implants reduction

We don’t really hear about young celebrities getting breast reductions. Breast implants yes, but girls getting rid of those infamous boobs that got them on the cover of Nuts? Not often.

chelsee healey breast reduction before and after

Chelsee Healey has publicly revealed that she underwent breast reduction surgery earlier this year, sharing before and after pictures for us to perv over, on her Twitter page.

The former Waterloo Road actress got breast implants when she was 18 to boost her confidence and hopefully get a Soap role. Unfortunately for Chelsee, the opposite happened.

I’m embarrassed that I ever had them so big in the first place but I was young and stupid and I just wanted big boobs. I thought they were going to make me beautiful but they only made me miserable. I was totally out of proportion and self-conscious which made me a target for bullies.

chelsee healey big boobs

The petite star originally had surgery to go up to a DD-cup, but because her body was still growing she ended up being a G-cup. The 25-year-old talked about her ‘balloon breasts’ and that embarrassing Strictly moment.

I’d been unhappy with my breast size for a couple of years before Strictly but it was mainly because they were physically uncomfortable and it was difficult to get clothes to fit. It was only when I went on Strictly that the bullying started. I remember being called a baby hippo after the live show one week – that has stayed with me.  I’ll never forget the night I fell out of my dress on live TV. I was mortified.  I knew I had to get rid of them.

Chelsee is now looking forward to wearing cute little dresses, her breasts will fit into, and hopefully getting that soap role.