clublifeuk new reality show

Bodies to rival Amber Rose, enough arse to last you a lifetime and rich guys with more cash than sense…

Welcome to Clublife UK, a place where good memories are made, love is lost and true colours are shown.

There’s no such thing as a typical day for those who live the Clublife. Gymming in Louboutins, playing spin the dildo and just enough boy drama to make you forget about your boyfriends’s side chick.

Forget TOWIE and Made in Chelsea, Clublife is funnier, juicer and much better looking.

The jaw-dropping new show premiered on Christmas Eve, the perfect Christmas gift if you ask me. Here’s our guide to CLUK, to make sure you’re ready for it to take over your life.

The Guys

MoonlightMoonlight clublife uk reality tv show

An entrepreneur who would probably spend Valentines Day with a suitcase full of cash rather than a beautiful woman.

His second love would be a gym and somewhere in-between the two would be the lady in his life.


Nathan clublife uk reality show

No that’s not Trey Songz’, younger, better looking and taller brother, it’s just another one of the CLUK lot, whose picture you’ll want as your desktop background.

Despite having a girlfriend, the good looking model is all about the ladies. We’re hoping he doesn’t fall in love and get married. Like ever.

The Girls


Chanelle roundi clublife uk reality tv

Dubbed the UK’s Tahiry (Google her if you don’t know, it’ll all make sense), Chanelle is a business woman who is serious about her money.

You may have seen her in a Wizkid video a Juelz Santana video or maybe just in your dreams. The curvy vixen seems to have some secret magnet hidden somewhere in her body, that constantly pulls celebs in her direction.


Lexy clublife uk reality show

Lexy has this on and off thing going on with Moonlight, other girls get involved and it gets pretty messy. We’re expecting girl fights. Topless girl fights. In mud. Christina Milian style.

In one episode she strips off to get a spray tan. We’ve watched it 16 times. You should too.


Mica clublife uk reality show

A makeup artist who is definitely that girl in school who stirred up all the drama, waited for things to fall apart then offered a shoulder to cry on to those involved. Don’t you ever change, Mica!

The Locations

The Clubs.
Those central London clubs, you’ve tried and failed to get into is where you’ll find the Clublife cast. It’s also where most of the drama happens.

The tanning salon.
If, like me, someone’s blocked your IP address from viewing porn, the tanning salon scenes are enough to quench your thirst.

The Style

Let’s start with the ladies shall we. Less is more is definitely a slogan some of the CLUK girls live by. And if it’s not tight, it ain’t right. For the guys, being topless seems to be the outfit of choice, not that we mind.

Check out the first episode below:

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