A new reality show has just dropped (as well as our jaws), and just like that we’ve forgotten about the Joey whatshisface and Sam Faiers of the world, that have dominated our lives for years.

Clublife UK premiered on Christmas Eve, after months of teasing us with trailers, and we can’t stop watching episode one. Here’s ten reasons why. (Video Below)

1. This girl’s ass

clublife reality show sexy 2013

2. A topless Moonlight

moonlight topless clublife reality show 2013

3.  A topless Nathan getting oiled down seductively 

nathan and nimz clublife reality uk 2013

4. A touchy-feely personal trainer (don’t you just love them!)

touchy feely personal trainer clublife reality show 2013

5. Moonlight’s face when his girlfriend tells him he’s not allowed any contact with his ex. You know the feeling guys…

moonlight zack clublifeuk 2013

6. Breasts all over the gaff

nimz breasts clublife reality show 2013

 7.  Two topless girls in a tanning salon

chanelle roundi topless clublife reality show 2013

8. Two topless girls in a tanning salon, looking like they should take it to the bedroom

chanelle clublife reality show 2013

9. A lovely firm spank

clublife reality show sexy girls 2013

10. A fight that includes glasses getting thrown at people’s chins…

cluk fights 2013

So go on get watching, it’s not like you’re doing anything else right now!

Episode 2 of Clublife will be out at the end of January and will continue every two weeks.  For more updates on the show, make sure you’re following Clublife on Twitter.