Dappy could soon be declared bankrupt if he doesn’t pay his outstanding tax bills.

The Spaceship artist attended London Bankruptcy Court yesterday over an undisclosed amount owed by him to the taxman.

Dappy, who openly boasts about his wealth on Twitter and dissed Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry for being bankrupt in his Tarzan 2 freestyle, might have to humble himself for a little while as the case was adjourned with his lawyers unable to agree on the owed amount of money.

Dappy has until 28 January to pay the money owed, or he will be forced to declare himself bankrupt.

Maybe he could raise some funds by not acting like he’s the ‘Lord of the Manor’ and selling the wretched horse that put him in his place last week?

the horse that trampled on dappys face

Gosh, looks like he might have to move back in with his mum at her Camden council flat soon. Lethal Bizzle will laughing his head off once he hears about this!

*Stalks their timelines*