Dappy has announced what may be the best Christmas present ever for his fans, by sharing the news that N-Dubz will be getting back together.

Well he didn’t actually confirm they’d be getting back together, he just said he’d be using his magical powers to reunite the trio.


We’ve heard it all before Dappy. Fazer revealed that the group could be reuniting in 2014, but between Tulisa’s impending court date, Dappy’s rumoured career as a reality star, and Fazer’s 2014 album, we’re not sure they’ll have the time.

Dappy also told his fans that he would be releasing a new album in 2014 called Miracles, something he’ll need to resurrect their career as a group.

Also are people still into that N-Dubz thing? What kind of music will they be releasing? And what does this mean for Lethal B?

Only time will tell…