Regardless of the outcome of Tulisa’s latest drug charge, we can pretty much guarantee that nobody is going to hire her for a while and she’ll need to spend some time getting people to like her again.

Just to get herself back on her feet, I’ve got some ways that Tulisa might be able to get herself into the limelight and on her way to becoming the nation’s Female Boss again.

Or just some job alternatives in case the ‘singing’ thing doesn’t work out.

1. Become a Porn Star


We’ve already seen her pilot

2. Become a Jodie Marsh Face Double


They’ve managed to morph into one another, one of them may as well be getting paid for it.

3. Become a Body Building Champion


Wait… no, that one really is Jodie Marsh!

4. Become a Professional Jockey

tulisa riding a horse trent park

She’s already showed an interest in horse-riding.

5. Babysit Dappy and Fazer’s Kids


Dappy and Fazer still have active music careers and they and their other halves might need a couple’s night off every once in a while. And Tulisa could do with a part-time job.

6. Try a Solo Singing Career

tulisa bgt performance

Oh, she’s already done that?

Well, her first attempt wasn’t the most successful so let’s pretend it never happened and erase it from our memories so she can try again.