Since leaving the English Defence League a few months ago, its founder and former leader Tommy Robinson has been finding various ways to get our attention and make sure he’s always in the running for Britain’s most controversial figure.

For example, in October it was revealed that he would be helping police tackle racism within the EDL and now the 30-year-old has revealed that he is of African ancestry!

former edl member tommy robinson is african

Tommy Robinson shared a picture of his genetic map, showing DNA links to a number of countries, including some in North Africa and the Middle East.

former edl member tommy robinson african

Tommy didn’t clarify who generated the results, but I mean anyone can print off a map and put some dots on it, so let’s not invite him to be a guest speaker at our next Black History Month event just yet.

Unsurprisingly Tommy’s results shocked many of his followers:

Tommy Robinson quit the EDL in October after founding it four years ago, declaring he was not a racist, though still continues to argue with anyone that doesn’t agree with his offensive views on his Twitter page.