Tomorrow will be one of the most important days in December for some people. It’s the day that presale tickets for Beyonce’s 2014 Mrs Carter Show UK Tour become available.

On Saturday 14 December, millions (really, millions) of Beyonce fans will take to the Internet in an attempt to get their hands on Mrs Carter Show tickets to see Beyonce Live.

When tickets for Beyonce’s last UK concerts went on sale earlier this year, 3 million people visited the O2 website during the first two hours of presale. Enough visitors to fill the O2 Arena 150 times!

Beyonce stunned the world when she released her fifth studio album, Beyonce,  on iTunes early on Friday 13 December with 17 new videos and 14 new tracks, giving us even more reason to spend our savings on VIP tickets to see her when she comes down to the UK.

So, because we love you, Pappzd are giving you 15 top tips to make sure you get tickets to see Beyonce at her Mrs Carter Show UK Tour next year.

1. Call in sick, take a day off work, quit your job. This is no time to multi-task. Beyonce Presale tickets are very limited

calling in sick

2. If you have a child, get a babysitter or just sell it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You can have other kids. Or adopt.

women arrested for selling baby beyonce tickets

3. Make sure your laptop is fully charged, or plugged in. Make sure your electricity bill is paid up until the day of the last concert.

enter card details laptop dies

4. Have a spare laptop, switched on by your side, logged into the Beyonce presale tickets page. Just in case.

how to buy beyonce mrs carter uk tour tickets

5. Call BT, or whoever does your broadband, and make sure there will be no Internet connection problems within the next week. Get them to cancel any building work in the area that might accidentally cut through your line. Tell them your neighbours are sharing pirated music on torrent websites so they ban them and you get all the bandwidth. Don’t worry about the morals of doing this. Just do it.

no internet connection

6. Make sure you’re in an isolated room with no distractions, tickets will only be held for a certain amount of time. So no mum, I cannot take out the bins.

do not disturb buying beyonce tickets (2)

7. Have a phone beside you in case you need to call customer services.

beyonce tickets uk tour customer service

8. Make sure you’ve been to the toilet and keep a bucket beside you. This could take a while…

going to the toilet

9. Make sure there’s enough money on your card.

card declined beyonce tickets

10. Make sure you have every single type of card there is at your disposal. Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover… Who even has a Discover card anyway?

which bank card can i use to buy beyoce tickets

11. Do not go to O2’s website, the pre-sale tickets are on Repeat, do not go to O2’s website, the pre-sale tickets are on

beyonce pre sale tickets uk tour

12. Make sure you create an account with TurnUp group in advance, or find your login details if you already have an account. Like now!

sign up for turnup beyonce

13. Practice some Captchas, you have no time to mess up.

annoying captcha important moments

14. Do not sleep. The actual time of tomorrow’s sale on Bey’s official site has not been confirmed, so as soon as the clock hits 12:00 midnight you better be on

preparing for beyonce concert

15. If you have a Mac laptop you have to refresh the webpage by pressing CMD+R together and if you’re on Windows you press F5. Don’t sit there just clicking at the end of the address bar and hitting ENTER, apparently this does NOTHING!


That’s it. We really want you to get these tickets. And we want you to tell us when you do so make sure you come back and leave a comment.

Good luck!

O2 priority tickets go on sale Sunday 15 December