12 years after she escaped the brutal daily beatings at the hands of her former partner Terry Wallen, Jamelia revealed that she has 100% forgiven him for making her life hell.

The Loose Woman panelist spoke about her ordeal to support Avon’s Shine Light and Speak Out Against Domestic Violence campaign on 2 December at Somerset House.

Terry Wallen is the father of Jamelia’s first child Teja and the 32-year-old says she now considers him a friend.

 I think he was stupid and cowardly for making me suffer, but if I was to hold a grudge against him for the rest of my life then I wouldn’t be able to move on with my life and I’m so happy right now.

Jamelia began dating music manager Terry, when she was 18 and explained how she suffered daily beatings, using makeup to cover her numerous bruises during their three year relationship.

I would be going to an awards ceremony and performing on Top Of The Pops, then I would be going home and getting beaten up. Then the next day I’d have an interview. If I had a split lip or a bruise I could conceal it with make-up or an excuse. I could smile and be seemingly upbeat, even though I’d be beaten to the ground only hours earlier. I felt so alone. I cut myself off from my family and my friends

jamelia and her daughters

The Thank You singer finally found the courage to leave Terry, after the birth of Teja twelve years ago, in a move she believes saved their lives. Jamelia explained how she thought having a baby would change him.

He could’ve killed me, of course. The scariest thing was leaving. The psychological fear is much worse than being hit. When I left I thought ‘Oh no, he’s definitely going to get me back for this’ and that didn’t happen. He realised that impact he’d had. The strength I had came from my daughter. There was no way on Earth that I was going to let this become the norm for my baby.

The brave star also revealed how Teja recently asked about the situation regarding her dad and how being open with her daughter was very important.

Last week my daughter asked me about the situation with her dad and I told her. It’s important that she is aware that it’s not normal and not right.