jls irreplaceable rough copy imitation

It’s nearly time to say goodbye to JLS. But before they leave us, the boys wanted to make it very clear that no-one will ever replace them.

Speaking to MTV, Ortise explained how it would be pointless to copy what JLS do:

What we did, we were the first to ever do it and we’ve seen on X Factor, this year in particular, you see bands that put themselves together based on the formula of us four, you know – one person back flipping and trying to get their harmonies in and…you can’t be a blatant copy of a band that, let’s face it were very successful, do you know what I mean?

Yes. You’re talking about those guys who just got voted off X Factor right?

rough copy wearing skirts and dresses

The boyband star also added that he doesn’t think the JLS shaped gap will be filled when they leave the industry:

To me you can be inspired, and find little elements that you like and inspire you but then you have to merge it and create your own situation. There’s never been a group like us. You can’t just copy you know? You have to find your own niche. So to say someone’s going to fill the JLS void? I don’t think so, but there’s still room for maybe a group in the kind of avenue of music that we do potentially.

They mean you Rough Copy…