As a long time enemy of N-Dubz, Lethal Bizzle did his duty of  taking the piss out of Fazer when he heard the reports that the Camden rapper had been declared bankrupt.

Then, as if he ever needed a reason before, Lethal Bizzle explained that Fazer’s recent bragging made the whole bankruptcy situation even funnier to him.

He then went to say that until the end of time, he would tease, diss and take the piss out of the N-Dubz’s members’ lives because of their ongoing feud from 2009.

Because, you know, five years just isn’t enough time to get over a situation:

And even though Fazer’s own Twitter account has been silent, Dappy was on hand to stick up for his friend (aww) calling the Dench label maker broke, butterz and a waste of sperm.

The tweets from Dappy to Lethal Bizzle have since been deleted but our cached copies can be read below:

Dappy tweets Lethal B calling him a waste of sperm, broke and butters

The deleted tweets sent from Dappy to Lethal B earlier

We’ll just never see the end of this, will we?