man scammed xbox one

A man from Nottingham was scammed into buying a photo of an X Box One on eBay. Peter Clatworthy spent £450 on a piece of paper that had a badly printed picture of the new game console on it.

Now before you start to feel sorry for Peter, just stop. The listing actually stated that a PHOTO was for sale, not an actual X Box One, so really, there’s only one person to blame here.

xbox photo scam ebay

Peter had saved up to buy a limited-edition Xbox One, Day One version of the console as a Christmas present for his four-year-old son, McKenzie. Imagine the look on his face when he received the package and a piece of paper fell out!

man buts photo of xbox one

And even though it was Peter’s fault for not checking the listing properly, high street electronics company CeX were so moved by Peter’s sob story that they decided to donate an Xbox One to him.

Peter said:

I’m just overwhelmed by the reaction to the story. All I wanted was a refund. I cannot believe this.

Neither can we Peter, neither can we.

He added that his son would be ecstatic with his new toy, (since when did four-year-olds start playing game consoles?)

I think McKenzie is going to be over the moon. This is the thing he said to me that he really wanted. I can’t wait to see his face, it’ll be a picture.

Will it now? Maybe you should take that picture and sell it on eBay…