lrod of the mics 5 maxsta vs lil nasty

Last night Juno Bar hosted an exclusive viewing of Lord of the Mics 5, and following all the Maxsta vs Lil Nasty drama, we just had to be there.

MCs such as Lil Choppa, Blizzard and Grim Sickers came down to watch some of the highly anticipated clashes in a room full of excited grime fans. Audience members watched Big Shizz vs Blizzard, Proton vs Realz, Grimmy vs Grim Sickers and of course Maxsta and Lil Nasty’s clash.

jammer minute of silence depzman lotm 5

Co-founder of LOTM, Jammer paid tribute to the late MC Depzman, by holding a one minute silence before the viewing.

lord of the mics 5

Despite being invited, Maxsta failed to turn up to the event, instead leaving Lil Nasty to bask in all the glory. A now infamous scene, where a section of Lil Nasty’s bars get censored, caused some members of the audience to question what was going on. And for those who didn’t already know, after the viewing many people were still asking: “What did Lil Nasty say about Maxsta’s brother?”

Pappzd spoke to Lil Nasty, after the clip was shown, (and before he got topless) who told us:

I basically said something about his dead brother, I’m not gonna to say what it is here, but he was talking about my brothers, my family, so obviously I’m gonna say something back.

lil nasty lord of the mics 5 viewing maxsta diss

Lil Nasty was criticised earlier this month for mentioning Maxsta’s late brother in his LOTM warm-up video. And instead of avoiding further offence, the east London MC mentioned the I Wanna Rock star’s brother again in the LOTM clash. Both mentions were censored.

Fans of Maxsta were also expecting him at the event to check for any makeup covered bruises, after rumours of Lil Nasty’s brother punching him in the face hit the web.

maxsta spitfire lil nasty

He had explained the incident in his Spitfire video, released last week, after his LOTM 5 clash was filmed. But we kind of wanted to hear it live. In the clip he says:

All this talk about Maxsta got punched in the face, I know everyone wants me to be this prick guy, but I’m really not so fuck Lil nasty, fuck what he had to say. No one punched me in the face.

Maxsta then explained a scene, which has been cut from the LOTM 5 DVD, where he insulted Lil Nasty and his brothers. One of these brothers, who was in the infamous basement during the clash, got so angry he broke into, what Maxsta described as ‘Mortal Kombat’ moves, before being held back by his siblings and being told to wait in the car outside.

lord of the mics five maxsta

After the viewing many MCS agreed that things got a bit tense after Lil Nasty’s bar, but at the end of the day it’s a rap battle, with no place for emotions. Lil Nasty also said that he would be revealing the censored lyric on his Twitter page.

But what everyone wants to know is where we can buy the unseen, uncensored footage Jammer?

Fans can pre-order the Lord of the Mics 5 DVD, due for release on 16 December.