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In a recent interview with Chizy’s Spyware Magazine, the Queen of Afrobeats May7ven spoke candidly about working with Alexandra Burke,and whether she liked the X Factor’s star’s music at all.

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This year, Alexandra took a strange musical turn by delving into the genre of afrobeats, and to guide her by the hand as she explored the scene, she enlisted none other than May7ven to collaborate on the remix of her Oh La La song.

Why choose anyone else?

Speaking on how the two artists came to work with each other, May7ven said:

She contacted my management team in November 2012 with the intention of working with me, D’banj or Wizkid. She was a fan of the music and wanted to get in the afrobeats circle.

Admittedly, I think she has got one of the most amazing voices, but I was never a fan of the music she put out, so I chose not to work on the project. I was also aware that these other guys (D’banj and Wizkid) also refused to work on the project for their own reasons.

Her team were persistent, so I thought “what harm is there anyway?”, as long as I can make the song credible irrespective of what the song is like. I eventually worked on the song and she loved it. In a nutshell, it was a cool and interesting project to work on.

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Since, Alexandra has downplayed their coming together and seems to have stepped back from the single and working in the afrobeats scene in general. But ever the professional, May bluntly quipped that she’d still be up for doing a video for the song, and Alex’s behaviour had not put her off:

There is a contractual agreement in place, so there will be a video.

As 2013 seemed to be a year of May7ven introducing non-afrobeats artists to the genre with collaborations with Alexandra Burke and Chingy being released, May stated that next year would definitely be a year to focus on May7ven herself:

I intend to put out a few singles, after which there would be a tour in the second quarter of 2014.

2014 should be renamed ‘year 20 & May7ven’. It is going to be worse next year for people who do not like me because we will be putting out a lot of songs, new videos, and my album will also be out in 2014. My style will develop even more; it will blossom more than what you already think is crazy.

So, be warned, you have not seen anything yet.

That’s some fighting talk there!

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The full interview in Chizy’s Spyware magazine can be seen on the magazine’s website.

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