Despite their 2012 reformation being hyped up on all platforms, MKS’ comeback single Flatline only charted at number 50 in the UK charts, sparking rumours and speculation that the reunited girl group had been dropped by their record label Polydor.

However, speaking to NME, Keisha denied such a thing and then went on to say that they never expected the single to do that well in the first place.


For us we weren’t expecting the single to chart. On the first day it went to 16, then we did one TV show with Alan Carr and it went to number 10.

If we’d done more TV and there had been more promotion around then we definitely would have had a bigger single. But it did what we wanted it to do.

On our SoundCloud we had 100,000 views on one hour. We sold out at the Scala in 60 seconds. For us, I mean I’m not gonna say chart position isn’t important, but we are about the album.

Most people would argue that your singles would need to be heard to encourage people to buy the album but, hey, whatever helps them sleep at night.

It looks like the curse of the Sugababes might be following these three. We thought they had exorcised those demons and left them with Heidi, Amelle and Jade!