A vegetarian woman was left distraught after she was accidentally served a meal with chicken in it at a Nandos restaurant.

Roshni Barot had ordered a halloumi cheese pitta at the Nandos in Birmingham’s Bullring, but was instead served a chicken pitta. Before she realised the error, she had already eaten most of her meal. The 28-year-old said she wasn’t paying attention and had covered her pitta in peri peri sauce which masked the taste of chicken…

I wasn’t paying attention as I was talking with my friend. I never would have thought that I would need to double-check my food. I trusted them and they have let me down. I was in shock and started crying in the restaurant. I cried all night and couldn’t sleep.


Roshni grew up in a Hindu household where her whole family were strict vegetarians. She was so distressed that she unsuccessfully tried to make herself throw up when she got home and was allowed to leave work early the next day, because she was still upset.

They can never say or do anything to make this up to me. Nothing can compensate me for those 28 years. I can feel it sitting there in my stomach. I feel like it’s not my body anymore. They took away my choice about what to put in my body and now I can’t ever say that I have never eaten meat. I have devoted myself to this for 28 years and someone has taken this away from me.

Roshni has vowed never to go back to Nandos again, despite being offered vouchers for free meals.

I want to know what steps they are taking to stop this happening again. I was a Nando’s fan but I will never go there again.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve had both the chicken and halloumi pittas. They look different. You can see the fillings poking out of the bread. It’s not that hard.

You need to do better Nandos!