Now, we all know which countries in the world smoke the most weed, right? Apparently wrong!

This infographic posted by Agence France-Presse (AFP), showing the heaviest nations in dark red, demonstrated that sometimes our expectations may be wrong…

I mean, who didn’t expect to see the South Americans there, but Brazil the heaviest in that region? Opa! One would have immediately said Colombia or Panama or any of the infamous drug cartel domiciles, but no. The Samba nation appears to be higher than a kite!

Speaking of kites, it’s no surprise to see Afghanistan there considering they’re also the world’s biggest producers of several Class A narcotics too.

Yes, we get a mention here in the UK but we get a pretty light shade of red while France, Spain and Italy get dark red shading indicating they are heavier users than we are!

And of course the Netherlands, famous for their relaxed acceptance of cannabis in the coffee shops of Amsterdam, was always going to be there; perhaps they should have created a specially darker red just for them!

But we won’t lie, we expected darker shades over Central America and the Caribbean, we know you did too. But what we didn’t expect was NIGERIA! And Zambia. Zambia?

Yep, the AFP (one of the world’s oldest global news agencies and part of the Associated Press) deems Nigeria as one of the world’s heaviest consumers and producers of cannabis.


Other notable African smokers appear to be Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia. It appears Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal and much of the rest of West Africa has seemingly never touched the stuff. Hmmmmm.

So what do you think about that?