As with every year, 2013 was filled with some shocking moments in the music world. With happy, sad and WTF goings-on, let’s have a look back at some of the most memorable moments in music that took place this year.

So Solid Crew Reunite

so solid crew mobo-awards-2013-glasgow-secc-hydro253

Just when we thought that garage was a long gone genre of the past, So Solid Crew momentarily brought it back in 2013 with the announcement of their reformation. The garage/grime collective returned with a number of gigs all around the UK, a closing performance at the 18th MOBO awards, and another series of concerts for anyone who missed it the first time around. They also released a new single called UK Hot Wid It.

It was a busy year for the Crew!

K Koke Gets Dropped from his Label


Most people would be too embarrassed to tweet something like this, but not Koke. The north west London rapper revealed that he may have to go back to a life on the streets after being dropped by his record label. He also used his favourite excuse of the year and blamed the “feds” for his fallbacks. Luckily for Koke though, he didn’t get dropped by Rocnation so at least Jay Z still wants to deal with him… for now.

English Frank Makes Racist Comments on Stage


English Frank caused a stir this year when a video of him making offensive racist comments, while on stage at a Hip Hop Isn’t Dead event, circulated on Twitter. Frank was heard saying to a member of security at the event, “He’s dumb… I’m not trying to be racist but he is African”.

Ah, the good old “I’m not racist but… *insert potentially racist comment here*” statement.

Despite the video being on YouTube for a few months, attention was only drawn to the footage when Skepta called the rapper racist on Twitter and claimed that the other black and self-proclaimed “conscious” artists who were on stage with him at the time were hypocrites for not calling him out.

But then Frank made it all alright again with an apology video and some tweets saying sorry for his behaviour and everyone forgot all about it.

Kanye West Goes Crazy in Hammersmith


Everybody who managed to get tickets to Kanye West’s two dates in London earlier this year must have felt like they hit the jackpot… until Kanye decided that he would assault the ears of his fans with some ranting and screaming before tossing the microphone and storming off stage.

What no one realised at the time was that this was all just the beginning of Kanye’s evolution into the crazy rapper that we know him as today; the audience just happened to witness him in his first stages.

Lucky them.

James Arthur Disses Everybody

James Arthur arrives at the NRJ studios

When James Arthur was on X Factor last year, we knew him as the poor homeless guy who was unaware of how talented he really was and complained that he never used to get girls.


But soon after his X Factor win, the 25-year-old showed his true colours and turned into an unlikeable meanie, insulting almost anyone who came in his path.

From previous X Factor winner Matt Cardle to Rita Ora to underground rapper Micky Worthless, no one was safe from James’ sharp tongued attacks this year.

Choice FM Dies

why did choice fm change to capital xtra

Sadly, 2013 was the year that marked the death of Choice FM. Gone was London’s “number one Hip-Hop and RnB” radio station and in its place was the more mainstream, national station Capital Xtra, offering “dance. urban. UK” (whatever that stands for).

The station was sold a whole 10 years ago to Global Radio and after a decade of slow, subtle changes Capital Xtra was launched and Choice FM was gone forever. All of the original DJs were fired or quit and everyone was left wondering what the hell Capital Xtra stood for.

Since the change, there have been many complaints and petitions to get Capital Xtra back to the station we once knew, but none of them have been fruitful. And the station also made some harsh choices (see what I did there) by awkwardly blocking some well known UK artists on Twitter. RIP Choice FM.

Tim Westwood Leaves BBC Radio


After nearly 20 years with the organisation and a career of bringing Hip-Hop to the mainstream, DJ Tim Westwood left BBC Radio One and 1Xtra when the station’s line-up was revamped in 2013.

All was not lost though, as the 56-year-old quickly got himself a new job at Capital Xtra. It’s not time to retire yet, Tim!

JLS Split Up

jls rough copy replace

At the beginning of 2013, we almost couldn’t believe the news that after a short five years, JLS would be splitting up as a group. But now that they’ve dragged out their farewell for the whole year, we kind of can’t wait for their epically long break up to be over.

Not because we hate them or anything but because it’s gone on for so damn long and we just want to see what will happen to the boys without the security of being in a boyband.

Like, who’s going to go on to be the Justin Timberlake of the group and do even better without the hanger-ons that he used to refer to as bandmates and friends? That’s what we want to know.

Fuse ODG Gets iTunes Number One

fuse odg mobo awards 2013 performance

When Fuse’s Azonto video view count shot up in the millions, we knew that bigger things were coming for the UK based afrobeats star. His second single Antenna did just as well and earned Fuse the number one spot on the iTunes World Chart as well as the achievement of being the first Ghanaian to make the chart’s top spot.

Krept and Konan go to UK Top 20 with Young Kingz Mixtape

krept and konan young kingz official albums chart number 10

Before they even got signed, Krept and Konan managed to bag themselves a spot in the UK top 20 charts with their Young Kingz mixtape. This was a well deserved achievement, helped by the duo’s massive supportive fanbase and the buzz created from their heartfelt track My Story.

What a year!