dappy christmas lights

We all had a bit of laugh when Dappy was attacked by a horse. I mean he could have been left brain damaged, but led by Lethal Bizzle and his na na neighhhhhh tweets, we decided to treat the incident as a joke. Luckily the former N-Dubz star only suffered a broken nose.

Dappy was also declared bankrupt this month, and news that he would be joining Celebrity Big Brother to pay his bills, made us feel a wee bit sorry for the young rapper.

Pappzd Santa Verdict: Good

Horse fight event in Rongshui County, Guangxi Province, China - 01 Oct 2012

We’ve decided to get Dappy tickets to see a live horse fight in China.

Animal rights campaigners have called them cruel and barbaric, but they probably haven’t been smacked in the face by a horse!

We reckon Dappy could learn a thing or two from the fights, then he can show those monsters who’s Lord of the Manor.

(Flights to China not included)