leomie anderson 2013

If you follow Leomie Anderson on Twitter, you’ll know that she’s been to New York this year more times that I can count on my hand. The popular model walked for various shows in New York Fashion week and has visited the metropolitan city for various castings, including one with Victoria’s Secret.

But not having a home to call your own, in a city you regularly work in can be a nightmare. Sharing an overcrowded rat-infested apartment with 11 girls, having people steal your food and your shoes; it can’t be easy. But Leomie has put on a brave face and endured it.

Pappzd Santa Verdict: Good

nyc-apartment leomie anderson

We’ve decided to get Leomie a luxury penthouse apartment in New York! Well a picture of a luxury penthouse apartment in New York to be precise. But it’s basically the same thing.

No more staying in crusty old apartments with people who steal your milk. No longer will you wake up to mice hanging out in your kitchen. And just look at that view…

You’re welcome.