mike glc good lawyer

Mike GLC got himself into a spot of bother this June, after he was arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of class A drugs, along with his good old friend and former X Factor judge Tulisa.

The north London rapper and the singer are due in court on 19 December, facing drug charges. Now it’s likely Tulisa will get off, seeing as she’s a super famous pop star. But Mike, umm, he already has a criminal record so things aren’t looking great.

Pappzd Santa Verdict: Bad

F. Lee bailey, O.J. Simpson, Johnny Cochran

I haven’t listened to any of your tracks in a while Mike, but it would be nice to hear a Christmas duo with you and Tula. And for that reason, Pappzd are buying you a brand, new, expensive, Johnnie Cochran type of defence lawyer. Because lets be honest, you need it more than anybody.

So here’s to you not ending up in prison again and focusing on your music.

Have a good Christmas babe!