giggs own concert hallPoor Giggs.

Your name is a homograph of multiple gigs, yet you don’t really get to do many, because the police keep stopping you.  OK, so you were in prison for firearm charges, but that was ages ago and we’ve all forgotten about that right?

I mean George Michael has a criminal record and he’s still allowed to do stuff.

Giggs hasn’t let the police enforced cancellations get him down though, and in October, took matters into his own hands by holding his own album signing after the police called his off.

Pappzd Santa Verdict: Good

giggs concert hall

We don’t want to see a disappointed Giggs making any more apology videos about cancelled shows, therefore we’re buying him his very own concert venue. He may still have to deal with the police trying to shut one of his shows down, but his chances of success will be much higher.

Merry Christmas Giggs!