I may not be a psychic, but I do have an idea of what some of our favourite celebs’ futures look like. Want to see?

Check out Pappzd’s predictions in the celebrity world for 2014.

Rita Ora Will Get Engaged to Calvin Harris 


Provided she stays with him until 2014, it’s inevitable that they’ll get engaged and become the new Britney and Justin of pop music.

Rough Copy Will Disappear Off the Face of the Earth 

rough copy 90s tribute band

We might love them now with their leggings, backpacks and skirts, but in a year’s time Rough Copy will be a distant memory along with most of this year’s X Factor finalists. I’ll be sad to see the back of them, but I can’t keep lying to myself anymore.

Lethal Bizzle and N-Dubz Will Collaborate 


The sexual tension between Lethal Bizzle and the members of N-Dubz is almost unbearable. They love to hate each other and they can’t help but ‘at’ each other on Twitter at least a few times a month. I say they put all that energy and frustration into some therapeutic studio time.

Giggs Will Retire 

giggs own concert hall

We don’t want to see Giggs hang up the mic, but there’s only so many cancelled performances that one man must be able to take. Unless he’s willing to accept our special Christmas gift

Fazer Gets Married fazer baby with ashley emma 2013

Fazer was spotted ring shopping with his girlfriend and mother of his child Ashley Emma late this year. If things keep going well for the happy family unit, I can only assume that the next step will be a big, white, wedding. Or maybe just a small wedding in a registry office, seeing as Fazer is now bankrupt.

Hannah Barrett Does a J-Hud 

hannah barrett disco night x factor

Okay, maybe not all of the X Factor contestants will disappear into obscurity.

Hannah Barrett was kicked off the X Factor before she really got the chance to show off her skills. But like most premature X Factor losses, the chances of her bouncing back better than ever are quite high.

I predict she’ll do a Jennifer Hudson, star in a big movie, win loads of awards, have a dramatic image change and become Britain’s sweetheart.

Professor Green Impregnates Millie

millie mackintosh marries professor green

Once two people get married, all everyone wants to know is ‘when’s the baby coming?’ With Millie not doing much since she left Made In Chelsea, Pro Green could do with knocking up the former reality star and starting off their little family.

Alexandra Burke Will Become a Nollywood Star 


The chances of Alexandra landing any kind of movie role here or in Hollywood are very, very slim. But with her recent mini-tour of Lagos, Alex quickly became the nation’s sweetheart and now she can pretty much do anything she wants out there.

With her music career currently on standby, it might be time for Alex to exercise her skills with the lead role in a Nollywood movie.

JLS’ JB Will Release Farm Food Line 


When JLS came out with a line of condoms, we realised that if you put their faces on any product it’ll sell. JB is the only member of the boyband who claims that now the band have split, he doesn’t want to do anything showbizzy.

Instead, he wants to spend his days on a farm growing stuff and playing with animals. But why doesn’t he put his marketable face to good use and start selling some farm goods? Milk, cheese, bacon… all those mourning JLSters will snap it right up!

Mel B Will Get Pregnant 


It’s been a while since Scary Spice had a baby. And I’m guessing she’s missing the feel of a baby bump. She already has three daughters so maybe she’d like to try for a son?

Krept and Konan Will Become the Next Ant And Dec 


The Hip-Hop duo’s music career is going from strength to strength and once they’ve firmly gained their place in the industry, I’d like to see them branch out.

I think it would be great if Krept and Konan became the next big things on TV and gave Ant and Dec a run for their money. Those two have been doing it for long enough and as a nation, we could do with some change.

Jessie J Will Grow Her Hair Back 


Since Jessie shaved her hair off for Comic Relief, the singer has gone the rest of 2013 sporting the charitable hair style as a constant reminder of her generosity and selflessness. But now, her point has been proven and she can go back to growing her locks.

I miss the fringe.