tamera foster kent fire services

Since leaving the X Factor, Tamera Foster has been keeping herself busy. Performing at gigs, giving interviews about rumoured boyfriends and joining the Fire and Rescue service?

Well not quite, but she did pose for a photo with some fire-fighters from Thames-side Fire Station aka Green Watch. The 16-year-old was doing some Christmas shopping in Gravesend, Kent with her mum yesterday, when she was stopped by the crew to talk about their winter safety campaign.

tamer foster vs luke friend

Tamera returned to her north-west Kent home, after she was voted off the X Factor last week in a emotional sing off versus Luke Friend.

Unfortunately there aren’t any pictures of Tamera sliding down a fireman’s pole. But we made one for you, because we know it’s the only reason why you clicked on this article.

tamera foster pole dancing

 Oops wrong pole…