sian green british tourist new york car crash

The 24-year-old British student who had to get her leg amputated after she was involved in a taxi crash whilst in New York, is said to be suing the city for a whopping $27.5million (£16.8million).

Sian Green, from Leicester, was struck down by taxi driver Faysal Kabir Mohammad Himon in August on the second day of her holiday in the American city. The driver who already had a number of driving offences to his name was said to be trying to knock down a cyclist who he had got into an argument with.

Sian was hit on the foot by the vehicle, leaving her limb detached. Surgeons were unable to reattach the limb meaning her leg had to be amputated from the leg down.

No charges were filed against the driver and he only received a 30 day suspension for the incident.

Now Sian, who has remained positive since the accident, is looking to sue the Taxi and Limousine Commission, the city of New York and the Department of Transport for the accident. Her lawyer Daniel Marchese said:

That driver could have been off the streets, he wasn’t off the streets, and as a result my client has no leg.

I think to her, her leg and not having it has no value, she’s not looking for money, she’s looking for justice.

Because there was nothing filed against this driver, they’re very very distraught about it, they’re not happy about it, they’re outraged.