Christmas tweeting is a skill many of us still haven’t quite worked out. Whether you’re trying to show off your new game console or complaining about your family, it can all get pretty annoying for your followers.

So without further ado, here’s ten things not to tweet about this Christmas.

1. Your Christmas dinner if it looks like shit.

worst christmas dinner

When you tweet that picture of soggy vegetables, gravy that looks like mud and potatoes not even a starving child would eat, just remember that we might be eating while we’re scanning your tweets. And we don’t want to see what looks like vomit, on your plate.

2. What you got for Christmas if you’re one of those super rich spoilt brats.

Kendall Jenner Gets a New Range Rover For Her Sweet 16

“OMG! My mum just bought me a Cartier La Dona Watch with my name engraved on the back. It totally matches with the silver Lamborghini Veneno my dad just bought me”. If we wanted to see how amazing your life was, we would ask.

3. That you’re watching Bridget Jones’ Diary for the 15th time.

bridget jones diary christmas movies

Just get a life OK.

4. How bored you are.

bored christmas

Oh so you’re bored are you? And the whole of Twitter needs to know this do they? Here’s something to do: Have a bath in all the leftover gravy and don’t come out of the room until Christmas is over.

5. What presents you didn’t get.

you didnt get what you wanted for christmas meme

If you really wanted it that badly, you would have bought it for yourself.

6. That you don’t believe in Christmas.


What exactly is it about Christmas that you don’t believe in? Getting presents? Eating more food than your stomach can handle? The birth of Jesus Christ? Whatever it is, just keep it to yourself and don’t ruin it for the rest of us, by being a Scrooge.

7. That you’re at church.

tweeting in church

Really? Does the pastor know that you’re tweeting?

8. How much weight you’re going to put on.

putting on weight at christmas

Well that’s what happens when you buy half of Sainsbury’s then eat it…

9. Soap Christmas storyline spoilers

christmas eastenders spoiler

Everyone knows you work at Inside Soap, that’s why we’ve blocked you on Twitter. Don’t ruin the holidays for us by revealing that Kat will strangle Alfie to death with some tinsel.

 10. A Christmas day countdown