‘Twas the night after Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even that mouse you can’t seem to catch because it has super powers.

Check out 11 things you’ll probably be doing this Boxing day.

1. Sleeping things to do on boxing day sleep

2. Doing Christmas again with your dad and his new girlfriend

doing christmas on boxing day because parents divorced

3. Tidying up all the mess the people that came to your house for Christmas dinner made

tidying up on boxing day

4. Thinking about all the shit presents you got and the amazing presents you didn’t get

worst christmas gift

5. Thinking of all the possible things that will happen to Janine in tonight’s episode of Eastenders 

janine eastenders christmas

6. Browsing Amazon in bed for Boxing Day sales

Couple Shopping On-line in Bed

7. Running into Selfridges on Oxford Street like a loser

boxing day shopping oxford street

8. Looking at your bank account and realising you can’t participate in any Boxing Day sales

haha you are poor meme

9. Eating leftover turkey for breakfast, lunch and dinner 

leftover turkey

10. Scrolling through Facebook, in an attempt to find something cool to do on NYE

what to do for nye london

11. Packing for an exotic holiday, if you’re one of these lucky bitches

holiday on boxing day