After hearing that she was going to be charged with supplying Class A drugs, you’d think that Tulisa would spent at least some of her evening crying and wondering where it had all gone wrong.


Instead, the 25-year-old spent her night taking flirty bedroom selfies – maybe she’s hoping to quickly seduce a man who’ll send her love letters whilst she’s inside?

She looks good, but you’d think she would have other things on her mind right now…


With her court appearance looming (19 December), Tulisa will be pleading not guilty to the charges.

Her lawyer Ben Rose gave the statement:

Tulisa has been charged with a serious criminal offence to which she will plead not guilty.

This entire case has been manufactured by The Sun On Sunday and Mazher Mahmood, sometimes known as the fake sheikh.

They spent a large amount of their readers’ money in flying Tulisa and a number of her friends first class to Las Vegas. There Mahmood posed as a film producer offering her a £3million film contract.

In due course Tulisa will give a full answer to these allegations in court.

tulisa-selfie4In the meantime, we can probably look forward to more selfies from Tulisa. Seeing as she’s free for now.