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For many of us, simply the name Nelson Mandela strikes up a number of thoughts and feelings. The iconic anti-apartheid revolutionary and first black president of South Africa has inspired generations with his peaceful, humble and strong-willed demeanour..

Known for serving 27 years in a South African prison for fighting for better race relations in the country, being released to then continue the battle and later going on to be president, Mandela stands among some of the greatest names in history.

Recognised by some as the “founding father of democracy”, Mandela’s long and enlightening life came to an end on 5 December 2013 when he passed away at home aged 95 after suffering from a lung infection.

Inspired by Skepta’s tweet above, we’ve asked a number of notable names in the UK urban scene to pay tribute to the great man.


Megaman from So Solid Crew

If I had to sit down for 10 years plus to see a lifetime of freedom for black people on all levels I would do it without thinking twice. I would fight, discipline myself, not eat, not sleep, walk any distance, learn any language because what Mandela has taught me is “Staying Power” when you truly believe you can’t be stopped.

Becoming a good person will feed a household, but becoming a great individual will feed a nation. H.M

I’ll forever be a giver and forever progressing for more than just my own benefits because of people like this man, “The Great Nelson Mandela”.


Femi Oyeniran

Nelson Mandela is one of the greatest human beings to ever live. I find it bizarre that in my lifetime, the world turned a blind eye to a country that operated such an abhorrent system as the apartheid and it took Nelson Mandela and the ANC’s perseverance to bring it to an end.

It takes a lot of courage to spend the equivalent of my lifetime in prison for standing up for what you believe in.

His selfless legacy acts as an example that we should aspire to in our everyday lives and in our work. This is particularly true of those of us in the entertainment industry. We must use the platforms given to us to stand up for real issues, not just for personal gains.

Even though discrimination and prejudice still exists all around the world; Nelson Mandela’s legacy is bringing us closer to alleviating it.


Dora Martin’s Cherri V

Mandela has definitely left behind an inspirational legacy, in regards to his ability to overcome incredible obstacles and stand tall for what he believes in, for the betterment of the whole world.

It’s something everyone, including ourselves, can be motivated by and it highlights the importance of making some kind of positive change on this earth that will benefit the lives of others, even after you’re gone.

It’s crucial that we uplift each other and be the best versions of ourselves, like he always encouraged. He was truly one of a kind, there aren’t many alike.

God Bless and Rest In Peace, Nelson Mandela.



For me, Nelson Mandela will forever be remembered for his undeniable, revolutionary spirit. His legacy is the essence of fearlessness and courage and I will take this with me.

Rest in power!


Tribal Magz

Nelson Mandela was actually very important to my family and me, considering he and my grandfather (Kofi Abrefa Busia) wrote to each other during the 1970s whilst my grandfather was President of Ghana (1969-1973), they became good friends until my grandfather’s death in ’78.

Since then Mandela has come out of prison after 27 years and has united a nation, for that alone he deserves to be celebrated.


DJ Ace

My heart’s heavy. I genuinely feel like I’ve lost an uncle.

In a time where most people question the motives, morals and agendas of politicians it is sad that we have lost a world leader who was undeniably ALL about the people. Nelson Mandela was a man with determination like no other. A representation of hope and the definition of FORGIVENESS in a man.

A legend. An inspiration to us all with character and endurance like no other.

He demonstrated how powerful hope is and how one man’s ideology can impact the world, combined with purpose and faith. Withstanding 27 years in prison for a cause he thought worthy, he changed the world and continued to encourage unity and acceptance towards those who were not so understanding.

Nelson Mandela will be missed by us all.

And although we are saddened to have lost such a remarkable icon, we will celebrate his life and continue to strive for continued harmony throughout all societies.

Gone but never forgotten… Rest In Peace Mr Mandela.


Alisha White

Nelson Mandela is the definition of a legend and legends never die.

Nelson has shown me that even though he spent 27 in jail he still forgave the people that put him there, he never lost force and applied himself to the mission at hand “Freedom”.

Nelson stood for something he wasn’t a follower he was a leader! And he was my older man crush! It’s sad to have lost someone so wise but handsome too!


DJ Ironik

I’m really saddened by the death of Mandela.

He pioneered freedom for black people in South Africa that were living under suppression. This is also personal to me because my gran was born mixed race, in South Africa, during apartheid, and lived during segregation.

Due to Nelson Mandela, he changed the lives of all people like my gran to be able to mix and live outside of their race. Mr Mandela, a true inspiration you will forever be…


DJ Abrantee

An absolute legend. A man I wished I had the pleasure of meeting; hopefully in the next lifetime i will. I won’t be sad but will celebrate his life and what he stood for. We will all die eventually but it is important that we make an impact with the life we are given just like Mandela did. May his soul rest in peace.




Nelson Mandela was one of the worlds greatest demonstrators of peace and love. His life on earth had a significant impact on everyone here and his death will change our lives; certainly my life for the better. A man who fought with love as he was faced with hate, racism, prejudice, oppression of the height disorder and such injustice in his own country who then made it his life’s ambition to continue to fight for a cause greater than himself.

A truly remarkable and selfless man who symbolised such a graceful, dignified and an honourable disposition. His face glowed with age which clearly was a reflection of who he was in the inside. I love you Mandela for everything you were and everything you stood for during your long life here.

The world has lost the greatest humanitarian of our lifetime while heaven has just gained another beautiful angelic soul. My parents taught me about Mandela growing up and I hope to be able to continue in his vein; demonstrating love to all mankind with a vision of contributing and adding value to the lives of every living soul somehow someway. He has left a long lasting legacy for our history books and i am thankful to have been able to share a small part of this century during his existing as a witness, supporter and student.



Africa and the world at large has lost not just a leader but a hero whose life was and will continue to be a living example of the unification of the human race without prejudice of colour, descent or social status.

In my opinion he was an “almost perfect” man whose ultimate desire was to see the whole world live as one in peace and harmony. Very dear to his heart was to see every human being develop their potentials fully without suppression. He believed that all persons have the right to livelihood and that anarchy and pandemonium were only the aftermath of individual right alienation. He also vehemently detested dominion and oppression be it black or white.

These were the ideologies he stood for and preached even in the unfortunate period of apartheid in his country. The bit that I love and cheerish about this great man of valour, Nelson Madiba Mandela, is his forgiveness spirit which he portrayed after going through atrocities in prison for 27 years.

To me, he is the Jesus Christ of our time.