Liverpool’s Luis Suarez moments after learning his country had become the first to legalise weed

When the government of Uruguay voted unanimously to legalise the production, trading and consumption of marijuana yesterday the world raised eyebrows.

When the smoke, and our heads cleared, we all re-read the headlines again. THEY DID WHAT!?


Quietly buried in the media as every news agency fell over themselves to report the gathering of world leaders in Soweto for the Nelson Mandela ceremony, Uruguay became the first country in the world to make weed, cannabis, marijuana – whichever way you want to call it (or smoke it) – legal.

Bob Marley will be smiling in his grave. Rastafarians have already begun emigration applications and we’re told Sheriff John Brown has now stopped wearing a vest and will have more time to spend with is family.

So, on hearing this momentous news, what did we at Pappzd do? Well we did the only thing any self respecting gossip magazine would do at a time like this. We went to look see what Liverpool striker Luis Suarez had to say.

So far nothing yet, but that doesn’t mean Twitter hasn’t gone into overdrive.

Don’t forget that England will meet Uruguay in the group stages of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and as it’s already considered that they may not make it through (with Italy also in the group), well – this may be a good thing.

If… England… can… just… make sure the Uruguayan players are legally high before and during the game…..


Luis Suarez forgets that he is NOT the goalkeeper as Ghana very nearly clinch victory

I mean, maybe he was already high when he shamelessly, single-handedly double-handedly knocked out Ghana in the dying seconds of extra time in the Ghana vs Uruguay quarter final clash at South Africa 2010. It would explain a lot….


Here are some of the best tweets so far.

We have to say that we’re quite surprised Agence France-Presse missed Uruguay on their radar when they compiled their report which put Nigeria as top of the African marijuana production and consumption league table.

What do you think? Are you a Liverpool fan, fancy England’s chances better now? Or are you a Ghanaian thinking, ‘it all becomes clear….,