Sometimes in the winter cold, it can be tempting to reach out for your trusty old boots or trainers time and time again, but when you’ve got special dates and events to go to, that’s not always excusable.

Here, I’ve got a selection of winter-ready and stylish footwear to carry you through this colder season.

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Winter Themed Date

Whether it’s Winter Wonderland, ice skating at the O2 or visiting the London Eye, you’re bound to go on some kind of winter themed date this season and guess what? You’ll probably be walking around all evening in the cold, so you’ll need something comfortable and warm on your feet – whilst keeping it trendy obviously.


Timberland Boots, Rust Nubuck by Cloggs – £159.99

Friendly Get Together

Who wants to be outside at this time of year when it’s freezing? Um, no one. Sometimes, we just have to admit defeat and have a warm, indoor get together with friends and loved ones (food and alcohol are invited too).

This is also the best time to wear your favourite shoes because you’re inside and protected from all the dirty surfaces outside.


Bright Cobalt Vans by Cloggs – £64.99

Outdoor Fireworks

With the New Year coming up, we want to make the most of it by going to the biggest and best event going. But the expensive tickets get sold out quickly or it looks like too much hassle so we settle for the fourth best option with a standard trip to a fireworks show.

And this usually means muddy floors, a whole load of people waiting to trample on your shoes, then a long walk home because the buses, trains and cabs are all packed up.


Black Dr Martens Chelsea Boots by Cloggs – £94.99

Bar/Club Night

There’ll be that one evening where either you decide to brave the weather or you tell yourself that it’s never too cold to put on your raving shoes. I mean, four or so months without loud pumping music? Not everyone can do it.

But you’ll be indoors and wanting to make an impression so why not go for a pair of casual yet dressy slip ons?


Tan Ted Baker Slip On Shoes by Cloggs – £89.99

Trip to the Cinema

You want to be out of the house, but you don’t want to be outside. It’s way too cold for that. And again, the warmer indoor occasions are the perfect time to be a little more stylish when choosing your footwear.


Hush Puppies Navy Lace Up Boots by Cloggs – £64.99