wretch 32 provides free meals tottenham shop too sweet

Wretch 32 is definitely our favourite person this month. The Doing OK star showed some love for his home town by providing free meals at his favourite food shop Too Sweet in Tottenham.

The 28-year-old rapper made an announcement on his Instagram page yesterday, giving us hardly any time to make our way down to North London from our office. He said:

As a way of saying merry Xmas to my home town Tottenham myself and my renowned team have made all meals at my favourite Caribbean food shop Too Sweet free today make sure you pop in and get a plate. I know it’s a small thing but it’s one of many things we will try and do to say thank you as your support means the world to myself and everyone at @renownedgroup

Unsurprisingly hundreds of people made their way to the High Street to fill their bellies, with owner of Too Sweet Shirley revealing that she served customers non-stop from 3pm till 9pm.

Pappzd spoke to 22-year-old Mark from south Tottenham, one of the locals who praised Wretch for his Christmas gift.

It was packed with people from all corners of Tottenham. It was great to see a gesture like that bring people together. From when I was there everyone managed to get what they wanted.  And it got busier, really busy.

So Wretch is this something you’ll be doing every Christmas? Because we’d really like some notice in future.